First Time Home Buyer

I love working with First Time Home Buyers.  The FTHB is excited, apprehensive, typically flanked by parents and/or family members and overall is generally surprised they are at the point of buying their first home.  Some of my FTHB's have been newly married and a few were approaching retirement.  In both cases the emotions and need for reassurance are the same.

I have developed an outline for you as the first time home buyer to give you a head's up on the process of buying a home.  Note:  It is not at all like HGTV!

Take a few minutes to look through some of the requirements of purchasing a home.  Feel free to contact me to answer all of your questions and get you on the right path to home ownership.


Click here for your copy of my Home Buyer Guide:

New Nest Buyer Guide


New Nest Buyer Guide.pdf

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